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The Origin of “Tianjian”

          "Tianjian" comes from the words that " God is omniscient and almighty, running and verifying all things", which is also the essence of the core values of the enterprise. The form of the subtlest and softest dust can hone all the hardest matter, with the energy of containing all things in the world. The attributes of enterprise products fully reflect the meaning of the word "Tianjian".

Company profile

Name: TIANJIAN Carbon Material Co.Ltd

Creation Time: 1989

         Tianjian Carbon Materials Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer and supplier of the world's top super-hard materials - high-end micron-nano industrial diamond. Tianjian focuses on developing close strategic cooperation with customers to better service both its upstream suppliers and downstream purchasers, so as to provide customized, innovative high-performance products and reasonable supporting solutions to meet customers demand for personalized products and to assist customers in extending and guiding their products in technical respect.

         For more than 30 years, Tianjian has been pursuing outstanding innovation and developing know-how and new products. It has set up independent scientific research and laboratory projects in many countries and regions around the world to seek new applications based on synthetic diamond. As the application of products continues to expand, Tianjian has solved many of the world's problems through the extreme characteristics of synthetic diamond products, has been committed to changing or even subverting technical barriers in some of the world's most challenging industries, and will continue to make innovations and contributions on the way of promoting the progress of human society.


Industry target

It always adheres to the "life community" of carbon-material industry as a core, radiating peripheral related industries, and ultimately creates a complete ecological industry chain of carbon materials industry, opening a new era of the diamond.

Products Profile

Tianjian Carbon Materials Co., Ltd. has realized the whole-process control of the quality of raw materials of micro-powder products, and has carried on continuous independent R&D and innovation to the core and key production equipment, with the unique manufacturing method and the strict quality control procedure, to ensure that all precision graded micro-powder products meet or even exceed the special standards of industry customers.

Over the past 30 years, Tianjian has taken the size within 5 micron as its main product direction, while the Nano series has been the core series of Tianjian Company. The whole series is satisfied with the personalized demand of special industries for nano materials in high precision. It is one of the few suppliers in the world that can realize large-scale, batch and automatic production on the basis of super high quality.

Our products include:

       Tianjian Diamond Micron Series, Sub-micron Series, Nano Series, Plating series, Polycrystalline-like series, SSS series, Diamond Slurry, diamond products specially for Diamond Wire and PCD and other diamond series products.

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