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Tianjian enters the trial production stage



        Tianjian's production base is located in the industrial cluster area of Linyi County, Henan Province. It is 2 km from the Jinggang-Macao Expressway, 70 km from Zhengzhou International Airport and 90 km from Zhengzhou City. It is located in the one-hour economic circle of the Central Plains urban agglomeration and has a special geographical advantage.

       The company invited a top-level architectural decoration company to design and construct the base, aiming to build a world-class diamond micro-powder factory in strict accordance with the 5A Grade A office standards. It has built 100 acres of independent industrial parks, 6,000 square meters of office buildings, 13,000 square meters of industrial plants, 3,000 square meters of warehouses, as well as supporting staff quarters, staff dining hall, water supply and power facilities and roads and other infrastructure. The company has always attached great importance to environmental protection, promoted energy conservation and emission reduction, and actively fulfilled its social responsibilities and set up a complete environmental protection post-processing system.

      At the same time, Tianjian has established a professional R&D and production team, an innovative and pragmatic operation team and a qualified customer service team which has greatly enhanced its soft power. At this point, Tianjian’s production base, production capacity and customer service have been fully upgraded.

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        The workshop, dormitory and dining hall of the factory have been basically renovated, and the functional infrastructure and the latest and most advanced production equipment have been fully equipped. Tianjian has officially entered the trial production stage. Adhering to the principle of quality first for the past 30 years, Tianjian will continue to focus on research and development to optimize production and provide customers with high-quality products and reasonable integrated solutions and strive to become a leader in the micro-powder industry!