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Tianjian attended the 2018 China Diamond Wire Cutting Exhibition


       Tianjian Carbon Material Co., Ltd. participated in the China Diamond Wire Cutting Exhibition at the Zhengzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center on March 22, 2018. As a special exhibition of 2018 Central China (Zhengzhou) International Equipment Manufacturing Expo, this exhibition attracted many diamond wire cutting industries, super hard materials and tool companies. The design of the company's booth is unique which drew a lot of attention.



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The scope of exhibits includes:

a. Diamond micro-powder, diamond wire cutting tool, photovoltaic, metal wire, testing equipment, processing equipment, scientific research and design institute research results;

b. the whole industry chain products besides diamond wire cutting products

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Exhibition positioning:

a. Create a platform for each company in the diamond wire cutting industry chain to show self, communicate with each other, and achieve win-win cooperation.

b. Explore and solve problems encountered in the development of the industry.

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       In 2017, the outbreak of solar photovoltaic industry and the change of crystalline silicon wafer technology, the demand for diamond wire market broke out. LED lighting, electronic products, high-end screen, military equipment display and other industries put more efficient, precise and low-cost products on the diamond wire products. The processing requirements, the outbreak of market demand, diamond diamond industry chain practitioners urgently need the diamond wire cutting tool manufacturing technology, the exclusive particle size diamond micron powder manufacturing process, crystalline silicon wafer diamond wire processing technology innovation, through this seminar The exhibition will promote the sustainable and healthy development of the diamond wire cutting industry.