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Industry Exhibition Information (I) (2019-2020 Worldwide)


2019 International Machine Tool (Cutting Technology) & TOOLTECH


Exhibition time: January 24-30, 2019

Venue: Bangalore International Exhibition Center, India

Exhibition cycle: once a year

General introduction:

IMTEX&TOOLTECH is a large-scale international professional exhibition organized by the Indian Machine Tool Manufacturers Association. It is one of the largest professional exhibitions of machine tools in South Asia and Southeast Asia.

Exhibition scope:

Metal cutting machine tools;

tools exhibits: metal processing tools, machine tool accessories and accessories, tools, fixtures, abrasives, super-hard materials and tools, inspection and measurement equipment, sensors, diagnostic tools and equipment, CNC systems, digital display devices And machine tools, electric and pneumatic tools, CAD/CAM, inspection and balancing equipment, hydraulic and pneumatic systems and equipment.

INTERMOLD/ Die & Mold Asia

Exhibition time: April 18-21, 2019

Venue: Japan Osaka

Exhibition cycle: once a year

Exhibition introduction:

The INTERMOLD/ Die & Mold Asia is hosted by the Japan Mold Industry Association, which is held annually in Osaka and Tokyo. The Japan Metal Stamping Technology Exhibition, hosted by the Japan Metal Processing Association, was held at the same time.

Exhibition scope:

Mold exhibits/processing and molding equipment; tools; machine tool accessories and parts; mold materials, metallurgical products; accessories and auxiliary equipment for various mold production, including polishing, grinding, assembly fixtures, etc.

2019 Stuttgart International Quality Control and Instrumentation Exhibition


Exhibition time: May 7-10, 2019.

Venue: Stuttgart International Exhibition Center

Exhibition cycle: once a year

Exhibition introduction:

Stuttgart International Quality Control and Instrumentation Exhibition (Control) is the most professional trade fair for quality control and instrumentation in the world. It was founded in 1987 and is held once a year. It is exhibited in the famous exhibition city of Stuttgart in Germany for four days. Control is the world's first-class professional exhibition of quality assurance and quality supervision. With the largest scale of its exhibitions, rich variety of exhibitions, it is known as the highest level of professional visitors in the world. 

Exhibition scope:

Quality control system products; destructive (lossy) testing instruments and equipment; measuring and testing instruments and equipment; analytical instrument products.

European International Machine Tool Exhibition 2019


Exhibition time: September 16-21, 2019

Venue: Hanover Exhibition Center

Exhibition cycle: every two years

Exhibition introduction:

Founded in 1975, the European Machine Tool Exhibition (EMO) is a professional exhibition for the machine tool manufacturing industry, supported by the European Machine Tool Industry Cooperation Council (CECIMO), which is held every two years. The exhibition is one of the most authoritative and professional events in the world of machine tools and manufacturing technology. It fully demonstrates the research and innovation in the world of manufacturing equipment and technology, and plays a pivotal position in the international metal processing industry. It is the largest international intersection of production technology in the world.

Exhibition scope:

Metal cutting, metal forming and other types of machine tools (involving diamond + CBN powder / liquid / diamond tools (electroplating, resin bonding, metal bonding), etc.); machine tool accessories and parts; tools; manufacturing and processing automation; Measurements; and other machines: welding and gas cutting, heat treatment, surface treatment and surface polishing, high-speed profiling, etc.

2020 Frankfurt International Optical Exhibition


Exhibition time: May 12-14, 2020

Venue: Frankfurt International Exhibition Center

Exhibition cycle: every two years

Exhibition introduction:

The Frankfurt Optical Technology, Components, Systems and Manufacturing Exhibition (OPTATEC), referred to as the Frankfurt OPTATEC, has become an important professional trade Exhibition in the world. Founded in 1990, it has been a world leader in industrial optics since 1992 and an excellent place for optical industry manufacturers to publish new products. In recent years, Germany has taken advantage of its highly specialized and flexible production technology to develop modern photo-electronic technologies such as integrated optics, fiber optics, holography and laser technology. With the rapid development of China's optical industry in the past decade and strong industrial complementarity, Germany and Europe have become important product markets for optical and photo-electronic enterprises in China.

Exhibition scope:

Optical components, materials, coatings and systems, optical processing equipment/tools and components, photo-electronic components, photovoltaic modules, fiber optic components and technology, fiber optic cable/fiber optic lightguides, fiber optic equipment/systems and measuring equipment, light sources, lasers, laser system components, lasers Security, optical transmission and information technology, optical signal transmission (transmitting, receiver, amplifier), infrared technology, UV technology, optical sensors, photo-electronic software, mechanical thermal processing, optical test and its applications, clean room technology and products, Display technology, related media and services.

2020 German International Grinding Technology and Equipment Exhibition


Exhibition time: March 18-21, 2020

Venue: Augsburg Exhibition Center, Germany

Exhibition cycle: every two years

Exhibition introduction:

The German International Grinding Technology and Equipment Exhibition has been held since 1998. It is the most authoritative and professional event in the international grinding technology industry and an important forum for the European grinding industry. High-grade abrasive products have a good market in Europe. The exhibition brings the world's leading manufacturers of precision grinding machine tools, grinding tool manufacturing companies and related supporting manufacturers together, especially many world-famous manufacturers in the super-hard material cutting industry.

Exhibition scope:

Abrasives: grinding wheels, sand tiles, honing bars, diamond saw blades, diamond thin wall drills, diamond grinding wheels, diamond wire saws, wire saws, PCD, PCBN tools, diamond single crystal tools, ultra-thin ultra-fine cutting grinding and polishing tools;

Grinding equipment: grinding machines, grinders, tool grinding, grinding machines, polishing machines, sand blasting machines, etc.;

Precision Machining Tools Measuring Tools; Grinding Equipment and Accessories; Abrasives and Composites: Synthetic Diamond, CBN, PCD, PCBN, Corundum, Silicon Carbide, Abrasive Powder, etc.

Quality control management, testing equipment, measurement and test equipment.