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Fine diamond micro-powder M-TJSD AA/A/B

Fine diamond micro-powder M-TJSD AA/A/B

Precise control and select diamond particles in size, strength, crystal form and purity for a narrower particle size distribution and crystal form distribution for the highest quality products


It can be mainly applied in precision grinding, lapping and precision polishing in the fields of optics, electronics and automobiles, with its application field still being expanding and developing.

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1. High-quality monocrystalline diamond raw materials ensure the high

    quality and stability of the micro-powder through unique raw materials

    processing technology;

2. Strict processing, narrow distribution of crystal shape and particle size,

    and ultra-high regular shape content together ensure grinding and polishing

    efficiency, and avoid scratching caused by abnormal particles;

3. With high purity, less than 50ppm impurity content, it meets the

    customers' most stringent requirements on the quality of the work pieces.

4. Complete granularity size and strict testing technology ensure the stability

    between batches;

5. Customized grit shape, size range, and uniformity can be provided

    based on customer requirements.

Fine diamond micro-powder M-TJSD AA/A/B(μm)

1. Fine grinding, lapping and precision polishing in the optical, electronic, medical and 

     automotive industries;

2. Grinding or polishing of various precision components, such as processing and manufacturing

     of grinding tools, gem and jade polishing, gem bearings, ceramics and glass parts;

3. Raw materials for diamond grinding tools, such as diamond cutting tools, diamond grinding

      wheels, etc.

4. Manufacturing of resin bonding tools, metal bonding tools and electroplating tools;

5. Functional materials, such as utilization of its thermal and electrical properties;

6. Typical end-user applications: ultra-finishing of optical lens mould, polishing of optical lenses, 

      cutting and grinding of magnetic head, blocking, slicing, back surface grinding and polishing 

      of silicon chip, slicing and polishing of sapphire chip, cutting and grinding of quartz oscillator, 

      cutting and grinding of LCD glass, grinding of automobile cylinder, recoverable friction connection

      of automobile and engineering parts, grinding and polishing of Mobile phone backplane and 

      plane - diamond electrode and switch electric shock, etc.