TJ Polycrystalline Series

TJ Polycrystalline Series

Industrial luxury goods

1. Also known as polycrystalline diamond, synthesized by detonation, the appearance of grayish black is slightly metallic luster;

2. The crystal structure of the particles is very similar to the natural Carbonado, and is combined into a polycrystalline structure by unsaturated bonds;

3. Compared with monocrystaline diamond, it has more crystal edges and grinding surfaces, each of which has cutting ability, so it has a high removal rate;

4. Complete particle size specification, stable quality, and small difference between  batches;

5. Can achieve ultra high purity, the main impurity content <100ppm;

6. With self-sharpness and toughness, the coarse particles will break into smaller particles during the polishing process, which can avoid scratching the surface of the workpiece. The new crack surface has more sharp cutting edges, which ensures the the surface quality of the workpiece and improves the grinding and cutting efficiency. It shows unique advantages in the processing of certain high quality products.

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