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As an ultra-precision polishing and grinding material

As an ultra-precision polishing and grinding material


1. Grinding or polishing of various precision components, such as processing 

    and manufacturing of grinding tools, gem and jade polishing, gem bearings, 

    ceramics and glass parts;

2. Rough grinding, fine grinding and polishing tools for high-tech materials: 

    monocrystalline silicon, polycrystalline silicon, diamonds, precious stones, 

    sapphire, quartz plates, LED sapphire substrates, liquid crystal glass, 

    high-precision magnetic materials, semiconductors, etc.;

3. Grinding and polishing of sapphire substrate, sapphire window film, 

    optical crystal, watch dial, and mobile glass panel; grinding of LED 

    substrate; grinding slurry for substrate slice; polishing slurry for substrate;

4. Grinding and polishing of zinc selenide crystal, mobile phone camera, 

    hard disk magnetic head, and hard disk surface with high grinding rate, 

    small scratch, and high surface finish; grinding of zinc selenide; and polishing 

     of laser crystal;

5. Polishing of glass and mold; and grinding of metal, aluminum alloy, 

    stainless steel, tungsten carbide, mold, ceramics, mobile phone shell.

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