Stay gold with a new look.



Established a long-term cooperation with more than ten professional research institutes and universities at home and abroad.

The company's brand image has been fully upgraded:

lBrand Upgrade: Registered the brand of “Tianjian” and established “Tianjian Carbon Material Co., Ltd”.

lProduction Base Upgrade: Invited the top architectural decoration company to design and construct the factory, aiming to build a world-class diamond micron-powder factory. The new production base has been put into use in 2018.

lProduction Capacity Upgrade: Production equipment, quality-control equipment and other production equipment are fully upgraded, and new production processes and technologies are fully applied.

lCustomer Service Upgrade:Built a customer service team to provide professional technical guidance and customer service.



A well-known domestic listed company and industry giant invested in the company, which laid a solid foundation for the development of the company’s international and domestic markets.


Focused on the R&D and technique innovation of high-end diamond powder finer than 5microns, defined the ultra-fine grain size sections, and achieved high-quality mass production of sub-micron and nano-scale diamond powder. Solved the agglomeration problem of nano-fine-grain diamond from the aspect of drying and surface cleanliness. 

December 2015

Founded and held the "Synthetic Diamond International Cooperation and Innovation Development Forum". Experts and scholars and elites at home and abroad from inside and outside the industry participated in this forum to discuss the development of the industry.



The export volume of diamond powder exceeded 100 million carats.


Became the sole supplier and designated supplier of the two largest wire saw manufacturers in Japan for diamond wire and resin wire. Under the global financial crisis, the company's export volume had grown to 150 million carats.


Expanded the production scale to cover an area of more than 30 acres, and spended nearly 10 million yuan to renew production equipment and equipped with a leading international environmental protection aftertreatment system.


Launched a product of polycrystalline diamond powder and diamond powder for diamond wire and independently developed “automatic diamond powder sorting system HXFX1.0”.



Shangqiu Super-hard Materials Co., Ltd was officially renamed “Henan Hengxiang Diamond Abrasive Co., Ltd.”. In the same year, it successfully developed the industry-leading high-end diamond powder which is non-magnetic and black-free specially for PCD. The products were widely supplied to many Top 500 companies, marking the company's leading position in the industry, as well as international authority and influence.


Acquired ISO9001:2000, OHSAS18001:1999 and ISO14001:2004 and other international certifications for quality and production management system, and has become the only enterprise who has “three-in-one” certification in the industry.



As an outstanding representative of the characteristic industry of Zhecheng, the company was awarded the honorary title as Excellent Example of “Spark Program”.


"Shangqiu Super-hard Materials Co., Ltd." was established. After the formation of the company's core technology, the products quickly went abroad, its export volume ranking in the forefront of the industry.


The company moved to Zhengzhou City, the capital of Henan Province.


Founded in 1989

The predecessor of Tianjian Company “Zhecheng Xinghuo Abrasive Factory” was founded in Zhecheng County, Shangqiu City, China, which was committed to the R&D, production and sales of diamond fine powder.

Zhecheng is a high-tech industrialization base for super-hard materials and products. The output of diamond powder accounts for more than 70% of the country's total production. It is known as “the hometown of China's diamond powder.

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