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Polycrystalline-like diamond micro-powder

Polycrystalline-like diamond micro-powder

It has characteristics as similar polycrystalline and rough surface morphology, which reduces the surface roughness of the workpiece and effectively improves the grinding efficiency.


Thinning of the sapphire substrate; Grinding of optical lenses, hard glass and crystals, superhard ceramics and alloys, etc.

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Besides the characteristics of fine diamond micro-powder, polycrystalline-like 

diamond micro-powder has the following characteristics:

1. After processed by a special treatment, the monocrystalline diamond powder 

    has the characteristics of polycrystalline diamond.

2. The rough surface of the abrasive grains create a large number of contact points 

    with the work-piece during the grinding process, which effectively improves 

     the grinding efficiency.

3. Self-sharpening to maintain high grinding rates

4. The large number of small cutting edges on the grit surface reduce the surface 

     roughness of the work-piece

5 Different grit size can be provided according to customer needs.

Polycrystalline-like diamond micro-powder specification(μm)


Besides the applications of fine diamond micro-powder, polycrystalline-like 

diamond micro-powder has the following applacations:

1. Thinning of the sapphire substrate;

2. Grinding of optical lenses, hard glass and crystals, superhard ceramics and alloys, etc.